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Looking at the future by learning from the past.

"Al Hashemi", a neverending story


We believe architecture is a continuous flow of ideas that creates environments that improve the quality of people's every day life.

Every project is a wonderful story and we enjoy to challenge ourselves in producing innovative and modern designs.

Our approach to each design is the right balance between concept, efficiency and flexibility. To design a building does not mean only to create a nice shape, but it means looking through the eyes of the people who are going to live and spend their time in that building. 

Al Hashemi's main goal is to create architectures able to positively transform communities and civic life.

Over 30 years of experience permit to our company to be experienced in every kind of project and to give the client more than he requires.

We actively contributed to make Dubai an efficent and futuristic city and we are present with our designs in U.A.E. and many other countries.

Every project, regardless of size or scale, have an efficient connection to its surroundings. Thinking in a large scale makes the difference between a project that works properly and one that does not.

We are Al Hashemi, a neverending story.





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