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Thinking in a large scale makes the project totally integrated with its sourroundings


A comprehensive understanding of how people's lives are shaped by their environments is the starting point for Al Hashemi's approach to design and planning at all scales. Whether working on a multi-acre corporate landscape, a small urban park, or a year-round resort, our architects and urban designers consider a large variey of aspects as the site's physical surroundings, the needs of the client as well as the financial mechanisms, long-term community effects, implementation, maintenance, and management of the project.


Our practice is not simply focused on buildings and sites but on systems: the physical framework of streets, squares, parks, plazas and gardens that contribute to give a sense to each place. Effective and sustainable design requires careful integration of the myriad features of a particular site, from issues of aesthetics to those of ecology, circulation, infrastructure, visual impacts, and economic viability.

Al Hashemi's interdisciplinary approach brings together the best creative and strategic thinkers to facilitate the complex reciprocal relationship between sites and their surroundings.


Our work takes place in a variety of settings, from established downtowns and new communities to rural landscape settings. All our projects have in common the need for practicality, quality, and attractiveness. Underlying everything we do is the idea of making places where we and many other people will want to live.


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